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Hello Florida House, District #37 Neighbors, We have now completed 7 weeks of the Florida Legislative Session with 2 more weeks to go... Sine Die (the last day of session) is scheduled for Friday, May 5, 2023 and I'm looking forward to it. I've enjoyed my time in Tallahassee, but I look forward to getting back to the district with all of you very soon. This week we voted on several bills on the House floor and in committee. Just to share some - we voted to preserve Florida's natural beauty and resources, on education reform, for more workforce opportunities, to combat human trafficking and the fentanyl epidemic, to protect national security, and more. For more information on bills we are voting on, be sure to scroll below. We also passed a generous tax package this year. There will be two back-to-school tax free days (14 days each) and tax exemptions on items like diapers and wipes, baby furniture, baby safety equipment, and more. This tax package also includes property tax cuts for property owners and extends homestead benefits for veterans and their families. I'll share more on this later. The Florida House is hard at work keeping Florida a great place to live, work, and raise a family, so be sure to tune in and watch us at work, you can view the upcoming schedule HERE. If I can be of assistance to you please do not hesitate to contact my office at 407-205-2831 or e-mail me at Sincerely,

Rep. Susan Plasencia

This Week's Capitol Visitors

Keiser University President, Staff, & Students

2023 Florida House Bills - Rep. Susan Plasencia

Promise Made, Promise Kept

House Bill 1,which revises provisions relating to the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program, Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program, part-time enrollment in public schools, transportation of students, graduation requirements, Commissioner of Education duties, and educator certifications.

HB1 has passed both the full House and Senate and has been signed by the Governor. Effective July 1, 2023.


House Bill 95, which provides rights of law enforcement & correctional officers relating to Brady Giglio lists. HB95 is another promise made, promise kept by providing due process to law enforcement.

HB95 passed the full House with overwhelming support and is now waiting on passage in the Senate.


House Bill 265, which eliminates restrictions on students' ability to take the GED test if they pass the practice test. As an extension of my promise to expand school choice, I am fighting to give more educational options and accessibility to parents and students.

HB265 has passed the full House and the full Senate and has been signed by the Governor. Effective July 1, 2023.

More of My Sponsored Bills

House Bill 287, which requires the teaching of Asian American and Pacific Islander history in our statewide curriculum rules. History teachers are already required to provide three weeks of instruction for Jewish, African American, Hispanic, and Women's history. This bill would ensure the contributions and history of Asian Americans are included in those requirements.

HB 287 has passed the full House and has now been merged with CS/CS/HB 1537, a broader education bill, and is currently waiting on passage in the Senate.

My Co-Sponsored Bills

House Bill 305, which prohibits DOH from requiring enrollment in state's immunization registry or otherwise requiring persons to submit to immunization tracking; prohibits business & governmental entities from requiring individuals to provide proof of vaccination to gain access to, entry upon, or service from such entities; revises purposes of Florida Civil Rights Action of 1992 to include discrimination protection for vaccination or immunity status.

In the Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee.

Bills Voted on This Week

HB 941, SB 942, CS/HB 57, CS/HB 1521, CS/CS/CS/HB 49, CS/HB 75, CS/SB 50, CS/HB 1423, SB 1438, CS/CS/HB 97, CS/CS/SB 130, CS/HB 111, CS/CS/HB 1421, CS/SB 254, CS/HB 185, CS/CS/SB 306

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