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Community Servant
Who Fights for

Her Residents

Community Servant
Who Fights for

Her Residents

Re-Elect Susan Plasencia to State Representative, District 37


Community Servant Who Fights for Her Residents

Family. Community. Results.

Voters of Florida State House District 37, I’m pleased to announce that we have completed our first legislative term in the Florida House of Representatives. I want to thank you for trusting me with the responsibility of representing you in Tallahassee for the past two years. Promises were made and promises were kept. I made it my mission to make major changes in House District 37 and we did. Before you elected me to represent you, our district received no funding from Tallahassee. That’s all changed.


I’m proud to say I’ve returned from Tallahassee passing 9 Bills and nearly $38.5 million in appropriations to support our community, educational system and many other projects. Starting with Homeless Veterans Housing, Boys and Girls clubs and much needed vocational training to support the needs of our community. I took steps to tackle the insurance crisis by passing legislation that will lead to lower insurance premiums for small businesses.


I will continue to focus on the real world problems of my constituents and neighbors by working on legislation that will lead to affordable insurance premiums. I will prioritize solutions that push towards a stronger Florida economy. I will continue to partner with our local law enforcement to help them put a stop to crime and sex trafficking. As well as facilitate the equipping of our unemployed citizens so they can receive gainful employment.


These achievements can only be accomplished by working together. Let's continue what we've started. Send me back to Tallahassee for two more years. Let’s continue to put aside the things that divide us and work on the things that bring us together as one community.


Support Rep Susan's Re-Election!

Susan is running a grass-roots campaign again, this time for re-election! She needs your help in retaining this seat for the district. Please consider donating any amount today to help the effort!


Susan's Priorities
Representative  Susan Plasencia is not a politician, she is a public servant and she is ready to get back to work in Tallahassee prioritizing issues that are important to our residents. No D.C. style politics, just community driven advocacy.

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Economy & Jobs

Susan Plasencia is dedicated to promoting economic growth and creating great paying jobs for our community. This is done by passing legislation that will support businesses and bring home appropriation dollars for workforce development. She aims to strengthen our local economy and provide stable employment for our residents.

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Decrease Insurance Premiums

Susan Plasencia is committed to reducing insurance premiums at all levels. She voted in favor of transformative changes within the insurance industry to lower rates and will continue to work until we see relief in premiums.

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Access to Education

As a former Orange County Public Schools Substitute Teacher, Susan Plasencia believes every child deserves access to a quality education and understands that all children learn differently. In her most recent legislative session she voted for a historic increase for the School Districts to provide raises for veteran teachers and new teachers and will continue to support teachers. Additionally, she was on the ground floor of School Choice in the early 2000's and continues the fight to ensure that each child has access to a quality education.

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