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Representative Susan Plasencia

Sponsored, Signed:

  • Florida's Largest Tax Relief Package
    HB7063 This tax package will save hard-working Florida families over $1.3 billing in tax relief. It includes: 2 Back-to-School Holidays 2 Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holidays 3 Months of "Freedom Summer" - 1 Week Tax Holiday on Skilled Worker Tools 1 Year Tax Holiday on Gas Stoves & Energy Efficient Appliances Permanent Sales Tax Exemptions on Oral Hygiene Products and Baby and Toddler Products Eligible Property, Agriculture, & Business Tax Cuts
  • School Choice Extension
    HB1 This bill will increase eligibility for eligible students to register to attend private and/or public schools that serve the students.
  • Rights of Law Enforcement Officers and Correctional Officers
    This bill provides rights of law enforcement & correctional officers relating to Brady Giglio Lists.
  • High School Equivalency Diplomas
    This bill eliminates restrictions on students' ability to take the GED test if they pass the practice test.
  • Instruction in the History of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders
    This bill requires instruction in the history of Asian Americans in curriculum alongside Hispanics, Blacks, Jewish and Pacific Islanders to be included in specified instruction.
  • Roller Skating Rink Safety
    This bill is tort reform that will allow businesses similar to skating rinks to start seeing a 30% to 40% decrease in their insurance premiums. This bill is a win for small business!
  • Persons with Disabilities Registry
    This bill lets local police create and manage a database for certain reasons. It covers how people get on and off the list, what info can be in it, and when cops can look at it and share info with other officers.
  • Kid Care Eligibility
    HB 121 This bill increases the income eligibility threshold for kid care coverage.
  • Sales Tax Exemption for Certain Investigation & Security Services
    We finally got rid of one of the last pieces of service-related sales tax, and this came to us from a constituent, which is the introduction that we have.
  • Licensing Fee Relief
    HB 1019 This bill promotes job growth and puts money back in the pockets of hard-working Floridians by reducing the cost of obtaining professional licenses.
  • Real Estate Title Fraud
    HB 1419 This bill safeguards Floridians' most important investment - their home by keeping fraudsters from being able to illegally fake or record a real estate title and use it for their own gain without the knowledge of the owner.
  • "Live Local Act" - Housing
    SB 102 This bill fully funds the affordable housing programs. It also speeds up permitting in counties to allow for the expedited, safe, a building of workforce housing and attainable housing
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